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You’re getting ready to relax after a long day when *yawn* OUCH!!!! Your deep breath caused a sharp pain in your back. You take another deep breath and sure enough, you still have pain when breathing.

Someone who experiences pain in their back when breathing may feel worried, but sometimes its nothing more than a short-lived twinge. Unfortunately there are instances when it’s a nagging pain that won’t go away. Could it be something serious? Is something wrong with your lungs or heart? Do you need medical attention?

Read on to discover the top causes for back pain when breathing, what you can do about it, and when to see a doctor.

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June 3, 2024 Chiropractic Care

Your care is only as good as your provider.

Here are some signs of a bad chiropractor you should be aware of.


When it comes to healthcare (or any business category, for that matter!), there are both good and bad practitioners—and chiropractic care is no different.

Whether you’re seeking chiropractic treatment for a chronic condition or injury, getting quality care is the difference between continued suffering and pain relief. So how do you avoid the “quacks”?

Here are 10 signs of a bad chiropractor that will help you find a provider you can trust.


June 3, 2024 Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors can be essential for relieving pain.

But how often should you get a chiropractic adjustment to get the most out of their services?


Millions of Americans receive chiropractic care in this country each year. This includes everything from neck adjustments to medical massages. Even if you’ve never been to see a chiropractor before, you probably have at least a concept of what to expect. But even those receiving treatment might be asking how often you should get a chiropractic adjustment?

Before we can begin to answer that question, we have to cover the basics.


April 12, 2024 Chiropractic Care

Holistic medicine is a term that most people have heard of but probably don’t have a great understanding of exactly what it is. Is it like conventional medical treatment? Are there different types of holistic medicine? 

So what is holistic medicine?

Many people think of holistic medicine as a type of pseudo-medicine. Maybe even a rejection of modern medicine.

Holistic care is neither of those things.

At its core, holistic medicine is about treating all aspects of the individual, not just the physical health or parts that are hurting or injured. Those who practice holistic care believe that if you treat the whole person and  focus on healing all aspects of an individual—their body, mind, and soul—can you truly be happy and healthy.

How does a holistic approach work in the practice of chiropractic care? Let’s take a look.


April 1, 2024 Chiropractic Care

Sick of the spinning feeling?

Not only is it possible to see a chiropractor for vertigo, but it may be the most effective way to relieve your symptoms.


At some point or another, you’ve probably felt the strange sensation of vertigo. The room feels like it’s spinning and tilting, and you struggle to maintain your balance.

If so, you’ve likely had one all-consuming question: “How do I make it stop?

While vertigo can be a debilitating condition, the good news is that there is often an easy solution. Let’s take a closer look at the times when seeing a chiropractor for vertigo can help relieve your symptoms without resorting to drugs.


March 15, 2024 Chiropractic Care

Skeptical about the benefits of chiropractic care?

Let’s answer the question, “How does a chiropractic adjustment work?”…with science.


Maybe a friend, family member, or neighbor swears by chiropractic care, but you’re skeptical that “cracking your back” can do anything for you. Maybe you know firsthand the relief that a chiropractor can provide.

Maybe you’re just curious: how do chiropractic adjustments work?

The benefits of regular chiropractic care are as scientific as they are effective. In this article, we’ll discuss what a chiropractic adjustment really is, how often you need chiropractic adjustments, and why they’re a necessary addition to your healthcare.

Things have changed in recent years and a lot of people are working remotely. Don’t let your back pay the price.

Here’s how to set up an ergonomic workspace anywhere that will help—not hurt—your body.


The last few years have brought a lot of changes into our lives and included in those changes is that more people are working remotely. And while there are many pros you can find like working in pajamas and saving on gas, there are some cons you should be aware of too. One major one is that home offices are not always ergonomic. 

Read on for more information about how to make the perfect ergonomic workspace so you can sit comfortably and continue on in those jammies!


February 20, 2024 Chiropractic Care

Slip and fall accidents can be painful.

But is chiropractic care the right option for you?


Whether you trip over a welcome mat or slip on a wet floor, falls (and the resulting injuries) have a way of disrupting your life. All you want is to recover quickly so you can get things back to normal.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, your injuries can range from mild to severe. And whether you’re dealing with run-of-the-mill aches and pains or a major concussion, you’re likely interested in fast, efficient treatment.

But did you know that chiropractic care is not only an option for post-fall treatment, but it may also be the best way to get your joints (and your life) back on track.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what happens during a slip and fall accident, common injuries you may experience, and the many benefits of seeing a chiropractor for treatment.

Car accident injuries won’t get better on their own.

But a car accident chiropractor can help you heal naturally, quickly, and effectively. 


Should you visit a personal injury chiropractor following an accident? An auto accident chiropractor is a professional you can rely on when you’re involved in a car accident.

You may not consider the importance of getting chiropractic care, but this is an important step that could benefit your health.

This article provides five key reasons you need to make an appointment with a car accident chiropractor.


December 26, 2023 Chiropractic CareNeck Pain

Traditional treatment takes four to six weeks.

Here’s why you should see a chiropractor for pinched nerve pain.


Numbness in your fingers, tingling in your feet, pain that radiates down your arm…. There’s a chance that all of these complaints have a common origin: your spine!

Pinched nerves can cause pain, tingling, weakness, and other symptoms throughout the body. And while traditional medicine can offer a treatment plan, there’s a faster, more effective option.

Seeing a chiropractor for your pinched nerve will root out the issue (without harmful side effects).


December 18, 2023 Back PainChiropractic Care

Back and neck pain should always be taken seriously.

Here’s why you should see a chiropractor first for bulging disc pain.


Most people have come to accept that a few aches and pains are a normal part of the aging process—especially pains in the back and neck. As a result, they tend to pop a few Tylenol and go about their daily routine as best as they can.

While the “take-two-of-these-and-call-me-in-the-morning” method may work fine for a minor muscle strain, it isn’t enough to treat a bulging disc.

In order to get to the root of this injury, you need to see a chiropractor for bulging disc pain.

For some, chiropractic offers relief from pain. For others, it's about feeling and looking good. Call today and see what chiropractic can do for you!

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