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You’re getting ready to relax after a long day when *yawn* OUCH!!!! Your deep breath caused a sharp pain in your back. You take another deep breath and sure enough, you still have pain when breathing.

Someone who experiences pain in their back when breathing may feel worried, but sometimes its nothing more than a short-lived twinge. Unfortunately there are instances when it’s a nagging pain that won’t go away. Could it be something serious? Is something wrong with your lungs or heart? Do you need medical attention?

Read on to discover the top causes for back pain when breathing, what you can do about it, and when to see a doctor.

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If you’re currently suffering from the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident, you’re already familiar with the financial toll it takes. From medical bills to lost wages, some extra funds could definitely come in handy.

In cases like this, most people file a claim with their car insurance company, hoping to be compensated for their injuries. However, most car accident cases end with a settlement offer.

In this article, we’ll discuss the average settlement for car accident back and neck injuries and which medical treatment options are available to you.


Sure, a massage feels incredibly relaxing…

…but is it a good car accident treatment?


Anyone who has been involved in a car accident can tell you that they are no joke.

Even if you manage to avoid a serious medical condition (such as a traumatic brain injury or broken limb), a vehicle accident can leave you in a lot of pain. But before you seek medical attention through physical therapy or painkillers, there’s another car accident treatment you should try.

A combination of chiropractic care and medical massage can be extremely effective at treating your pain at the source, allowing your body to truly heal from the inside out.

Things have changed in recent years and a lot of people are working remotely. Don’t let your back pay the price.

Here’s how to set up an ergonomic workspace anywhere that will help—not hurt—your body.


The last few years have brought a lot of changes into our lives and included in those changes is that more people are working remotely. And while there are many pros you can find like working in pajamas and saving on gas, there are some cons you should be aware of too. One major one is that home offices are not always ergonomic. 

Read on for more information about how to make the perfect ergonomic workspace so you can sit comfortably and continue on in those jammies!


December 26, 2023 Chiropractic CareNeck Pain

Traditional treatment takes four to six weeks.

Here’s why you should see a chiropractor for pinched nerve pain.


Numbness in your fingers, tingling in your feet, pain that radiates down your arm…. There’s a chance that all of these complaints have a common origin: your spine!

Pinched nerves can cause pain, tingling, weakness, and other symptoms throughout the body. And while traditional medicine can offer a treatment plan, there’s a faster, more effective option.

Seeing a chiropractor for your pinched nerve will root out the issue (without harmful side effects).


November 20, 2023 Neck Pain

Waking up with pain isn’t normal.

Let’s look at the best pillow for neck pain and how to wake up pain-free.


We all know how important it is to get a full night of solid sleep. Waking up feeling rested, refreshed, and pain-free can not only reduce your risk of certain diseases, but it can also help boost your mental health and make you more productive during the day.

But sometimes, sleeping well is easier said than done. Especially if you’re dealing with neck pain.

Whether your neck pain is from an injury or from poor sleep positioning, here are our recommendations for getting a good night’s sleep (as well as the best pillow for neck pain).


June 2, 2023 Back PainNeck Pain

Getting a good night’s sleep shouldn’t cause you pain.

Learn how to sleep better and get chiropractor recommended mattress and pillow suggestions.


The phrase “good night, sleep tight” shouldn’t refer to how your muscles feel when you wake up in the morning!

Good rest is important for feeling our best as we work, play, or just relax. But the quality of your sleep doesn’t just depend on your REM stages. Your mattress, pillow, and sleep position all play a crucial role in the health of your spine.

As your Oviedo chiropractor, it’s important that you get enough sleep to be restored and refreshed when you wake in the morning, but that can’t happen if you’re not sleeping correctly.


April 21, 2023 Car AccidentsNeck Pain

Chiropractic care can be used to treat numerous physical ailments, and one of the most common ailments it is used to treat is whiplash.

Whiplash is an injury to the neck that often occurs as a result of a sudden, unexpected jerk or snap of the neck. It typically results from car crashes, contact sports, roller coaster rides, and other physical activities where there is rapid neck movement in one direction or another.

It produces a tremendous strain on the muscles, ligaments, and joints of the neck, resulting in pain and soreness throughout this area of the body that could last anywhere between a few days to several months. Other symptoms include restricted movement, headaches, trouble sleeping, and dizziness.

Fortunately, a chiropractor can provide relief from whiplash. Through tailored adjustments, you’ll not only start seeing improved mobility, but also decrease many painful symptoms associated with your injury.


March 21, 2022 HeadachesNeck Pain

A lot of people confuse dizziness with vertigo and vice versa.

The truth is that they are quite different.

Today we’d like to focus on a very concentrated version of vertigo known as cervicogenic dizziness or cervicogenic vertigo, a type of vertigo that stems from the neck. Read on to learn more about this disease, how it’s diagnosed, and how to treat it.


December 14, 2021 ErgonomicsNeck Pain

Smartphones are an integral part of our lives, but they can also cause a lot of pain.

Learn what “text neck” is and how to prevent it.


Technology touches our lives in many different ways. It has opened the roads of communication, allowed us to see people from other countries on video, pack computers in a bag and carry them along, and given us the ability to take quality photos any time we want.

So what if we told you that technology could actually be causing you physical pain? The way we hold devices (and how long we use them), can actually manifest in aches and pains throughout our body.

Namely: text neck.

Read on to find out what text neck is, and how you might be able to alleviate/prevent it.


Head, shoulders, knees and toes…

Your chiropractor can help with more than just back pain.


What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word “chiropractor”? If you’re like most people, you instantly think of the spine.

Chiropractors and spines seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Many chiropractic practices even have a logo that features a spine in some way, shape, or form. But back issues are just a small portion of the ailments chiropractors can treat.

From head to toe, your chiropractor can provide you with symptom-free relief from pain and discomfort.

For some, chiropractic offers relief from pain. For others, it's about feeling and looking good. Call today and see what chiropractic can do for you!

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